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Pleasantly surprised -- All systems up

Magic Wands?

@weemooseus asked for a magic wand tonight.

Most people at my school think I have one.  I don't, but here's why.

9 out of 10 computer problems are solved by a reboot.  Shut the computer down, wait long enough for all capicitors to drain and turn it back one.  Actually that works 99 times out of 100 if you are running @faronics Deep Freeze.

9 out of 10 printer problems are solved by shutting down the printer, rebooting the computer, and trying again.

Most network problems are solved in similar ways.

The funnest part, is that most of the time, by the time I lock up my toys, get someone to watch my room, and go where the network is working, it's reset itself.  Of not, the reboot will solve the problem.

A lady got really upset today because I wouldn't go down to her room and bring my wand.  But it takes 10 minutes to leave the room, and I had kids to deal with.


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LOL, I am teaching all the students I can the 3 fingered salute for MS-computers and then how to shut down obstinate programs or turn the computer off when all else fails.


But, but , but, they want to SEE the magic happening. Besides, she's WAY more important than you are right? You know what to tell folks like that.

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