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Another reason to love Typepad, SixApart, and Twitter

I was testing posting from Facebook and got some duplicates, put in a help ticket to Typepad, and a few minutes later got a DM telling I could delete the mess, this people, is why I use Typepad.  I can find a bug, and I don't have to squash it!

Then I can come to my blog and post!  And not be a programmer.

And I actually think the reason I got no posts to Facebook is that this blog doesn't have Facebook as a "Share this Post", and I unlinked my Tweets from Facebook.  Don't worry, that might not be English.

Want to try Typepad?

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Linking Blog Posts to Twitter (Typepad Feature)

One of the things I really like about Typepad is the ability to automatically post a link to your blog post, to Twitter (and other accounts).  Here's an example:

2-24-2010 10-00-29 PM

See in the screen capture that I have Twitter picked -- and if you go out to my Twitter feed at, you'll see a link to this post.

By the way, the ability to put in a picture is very easy too, and something I'll show in a later blog post.  If you want to try out blogging with Typepad, there is a coupon code called RESOLVE2BLOG2010 which will give you 20% off for life --> Click Here to Try It!

Posting to my blog from facebook

One of the features of Typepad, is to allow users to update their blogs (and Facebook), through their Facebook account.

So I'm giving that a try. I had to go into Facebook, add the Blog It Application, and put in my Typepad username and password. Found my blog pretty quick.

Once I go to Post to Blog, it's a simple interface. Just type and Post.

Daily Steal - Wireless Headphones

There are two websites I love -- WOOT! and Daily Steals.  Thankfully they don't have something I'd like every day, but it's bad enough.

I also have an unending quest to find a way to stay on the treadmill a few extra minutes.  Last week I scored a deal on Daily Steal that arrived to day, that helped the treadmill thing.

Wireless headset.

Yeah, I have bluetooth headsets but this headset is designed to work with your TV output.  And it DOES.  The hardest part for me is to get the TV loud enough so I can hear everything over the treadmill.  Probably drives my husband nuts, I have to have it on full blast. 

No longer.

These are iPhones, they were really cheap -- I think $10.00 and are powered with AAA batteries.  Since my husband works at Tuesday Morning, he's always scoring those cheap too.

Love em.