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First, I'll confess, I "abhor" snow.  As another teacher put it for me.  We've had snow three times too many in Dallas this year.  So I wasn't a happy camper when I got up.  Plus my knee was aching.

Kids were very wound up, can't blame them, pointed them in the right direction and as long as they weren't driving each other nuts was cool with it.

We had several short blackouts through out the day and around noon I saw the principal running around the building making sure we had portable lights in appropriate places.  Suggested my small emergency flashlights and even sent him a link, I have several and I need to put mine back in my classroom.

Fire alarms went off after lunch, and the kids can't understand why I want let them wander the halls while that is going on ....

We got everyone fed and got through most of the day, and the power finally did go out sometime around 3:00 pm.  Considering some of our neighbor schools were with out power from our first blackout we were doing good.

Sadly we had to cancel the pep rally and since I didn't have a class, I took over the upstairs hall and sent everyone down that came up and kept everyone upstairs in their classrooms.  And even took one girl to the restroom for  break.

Now I wish that our other teachers understood that the reason that we're supposed to lock down during a power failure is to protect safety of students.

And I wish other people who didn't have classes took equal responsibility.

Hopefully the local news won't find this but if they do -- don't bother principals when they already have their hands full.


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