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@mail2web is a fabulous service

I have been using mail2web forever, mostly to pull email when I haven't been at my home machine.  Several years ago when I started using smart phones, I started to look for a solution that would give me the perfect email experience.

I define that as having all my email available, always in one place.  When they make Exchange accounts available, I jumped for it.  In fact, is listed with them, and I have a redirection to get to the TypePad Blogs.

By using Exchange, I have about a weeks worth of mail on my smart phone at any one time.  I have the last six months or so mail on the exchange service and I automatically archive to my Windows Home Server -- have the archive on a file on the server itself.

It's rare that I need the over six months old mail but it's nice it is there.  I archived all the messages I got from my friends when Marcie, my Excellent Agility beagle died, and when I need to remember how special she was, I go read a few messages, which I couldn't do at the time.

My husband and I coorespond via email when he is on trips -- he has his home account set up on his blackberry in addition to his office mail, and it's nice to go back to the archived messages and see where either one of us was -- I usually move all that mail to it's own folder.

Outlook 2010 is looking REAL good, and it will be nice to go to Exchange 2010 when it is available, and I'm sure Mail2Web will be right up there with it.

But if you just need to check your pop mail at someone's computer, mail2web is good for that too.


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