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Move Adventures in Movie Making - Video Taping a Meeting

One of my participants at the district technology workshop is our Test Coordinator.  After the workshop, he and I were talking and he wanted to know if we could video tape our testing training so he wouldn't have to repeat the information.  I said sure, but I wanted to try it out on faculty meetings first.

I didn't remember I had said that until about 11:30 last night, but being a smart person did not drag out my equipment and check it.  I knew I had a tripod in my car, a video camera in my school stuff, and hoped I had every thing else I needed, but tossed a flip camera in my bag just in case.

I grabbed my tripod, but couldn't remember how to set it up so that the camera would be at the right angle.  After much struggling and interruptions I got it set up.  I decided to set it up a table so that it wouldn't make the speakers nervous.

Also, sure enough, the battery in the camera was drained, so the first problem, was to find power.  Fortuntely I did have the power cables with me, and moved so I could plug into the wall.

I got the meeting taped and got back upstairs to my lab.  First problem, is that Camtasia couldn't read the video off the camera.  Couldn't remember what I did with the CD, found one in the box that had directions on how to make movies, but not the drivers, but went back to my magic box and had the CD with the drivers in it.  By the way, I hate Sony as they do everything THEIR way.  There utility converted the movie to something Camtasia could read, so I didn't bother to do much editing, only added a title.  By the way, their software will edit the movie too, but I'm addicted to Camtasia.

The hardest part was find the right software -- about two hours later, I had this website up:


Including scans of the handouts, etc.


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