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TAC - our Tech Support People

I dropped by TAC today to pick up one of our laptops I asked them to be reimage.  Sadly the hard drive is broken, so they couldn't.

TAC is short for Technical Assistance Center and they are the go-to for any type of technical problems.  From Desktop Support, laptop support, software applications (Novell, Groupwise, Chancery, etc), to Televisions, Telephones, Wireless and Network Connectivity.

In other words, I'm the go-to at my school to them, and every technical support problem flows through me and the librians to TAC (they send them other requests including AV stuff).

They are SUPER people.  I really like working with them because I know they care.  They have a gruff exterior (well, Ron does), but you can tell that they work at our district because they truly care to have technology in both the adults and kids hands.  In fact, I've even asked because they are even more overworked and underpaid than I am.  And yes, like me, they are all about the kids.  And the teachers, but mostly the kids.

My wish is that they were better appreciated by the district -- and I'm not just saying this because they told me they knew that I blog :-)  I really do mean it.


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