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Windows 7 + ThinkPad X61

Ping - Partation Image Not Ghost

http://ping.windowsdream.com/ - Saved my butt this week.

Our Norton Ghost isn't working right now.  Think it's the CD Driver.

Anyway, came in on Monday, workstation would not load any software and run it.  Finally got a blue screen of death, etc.  Rebooted several times, several ways, it was gone.

Called specialist and he said could reload the workstation, but couldn't that day.  I remember only difference between my workstation software and the kids computers was Lanschool, Deep Freeze,  my personal software (Camtasia and the like), and hardware.  So I used Ping, grabbed an image and loaded it on my workstation.  Worked like charm

Dennis came by on Tuesday morning, he loaded Deep Freeze -- that really DOES take him to do, and I immediately took an image.  Loaded my hardware and software, took another image and left for the day.

Went to work yesterday, and got messages saying that my C:\Windows was corrupt, so I decided I had a bad hard drive.  Tried the image and COULD not get it to work.  At this point I have a student station.

First, the second image was bad, as the hard drive had been running for a while.  Second, I was reading directions but not following them.  When I tried to restore the image, I kept typing in the image name, NOT THE DIRECTORY.  Argh!

Follow and read instructions, that is what I am always fussing at students for.

So when I left yesterday, I had swapped a student workstation for mine, was up, and was restoring the student image on my old computer.


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