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The BEST Tech Support Kid EVER!

We may be sick of each other by the end of the year, and I wouldn't mind haven't another kid (and have one in mind).

The kid I have is really awesome.  I've sent him to two classes to hook up printers this week and he came back and he was done.  I also didn't get a note about his attitude. 

I also think the two of us might be able to get the inventory until control but with 5x some new computers.....

The best part, he's playing with the Scribbler Robot I bought this summer.  Yes, another project I have too little time to do.  I've got lots of other little programming/EE projects.  And yes, he wants to major as an EE, which I'm beginning to think is a good fit for him.  He's really not the CS kind of kid.

The fun part is that he was in my room as a 9th grader and as a 10th grader.  I really want him to take AP CS, I really think he can handle it this year, and I think it will look good on his transcript.  He was pretty immature as a 10th grader, but it's too week later.  I love how he has been handling the Robot project, very EE type.

I also can't wait until I see his parents again -- some of my absolute favorite people.


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