Alice with Remedial Math Students
My job is NUTS

One sign of a bad day?

I don't check my personal email until 9th period. (Yeah, we have that many now).

Started out with a parent conference called by the parents.  I jokely said "Oh, this is torture, Jane today!"  Yeah, it was (oh, and her name isn't Jane, and her parents aren't the Does).

When I finally tracked down her counselor, I told her, if I had been alone in the room with just parents and girl, I would have taken girl to my house and called CPS.

Couselor assured me it was being dealt with.  And one of the other teachers followed me upstairs and was equally upset.

Then technology period was supposed to be set up the new website but

I got grabbed in the hall and drug into a portable -- seems a kid had uploaded a Trojan horse and the teacher couldn't take attendance as a result.  I thought I fixed it but nope.

So I downloaded my old standby, Spybot Scan and Destroy and I think it's gone now.

Fun day.


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