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Motivational Speeches for the First Day (Week) of School

Someone on tweeter keeps asking for ideas for a motivational speech for the first day or week of school. Sorry, but please don't waste my time.

I've felt that way since day 1.  The first week of school is hard -- I'm usually in tears at least once that week.  The worst year is the year we got a new principal, dog's eye popped out of her head the weekend before we reported, and I was just stressed out.  Someone said something nice to me about my dogs and I just melted down in the office.

Another year, same principal, they kept telling me my teaching schedule and I melted down when I found I out I was getting kids for math who didn't speak English.  That actually turned out to be cool.

I'm sure I'm not the only teacher who has personal problems going on the first week and who is stressed out over their schedule and who they want to deal with it.

So here's what I DO want.  I want you to tell me my schedule as soon as possible and room assignments.  I want you to spell out any procedures that have changed or are important (we're getting a new computerized attendance system which will probably end up being a major stressor since I'm campus technologist.

Then get out of my way so I can get my room ready, get my lesson plans ready and my first couple of week, handouts and ready.


I like teaching.  Don't like sitting in meetings.


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