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I hate Smart Board Technologies Technical Support

I have two Smart Board Wireless Slates, and so far I have been extremely unhappy.

I got the first one about a year and a half ago, and when I came back to school last year, it completely stopped working.  I charged it, read all the technical support articles and even put in a trouble ticket.  I finally decided that it needed a new battery, ordered it for a small fortune and continued to wait.

Finally in late October (months after the ticket was put in), I got a response and was told how to completely reset it.  It worked!  I was able to cancel the order of the battery and get on with my life.

Then I got a second one in February, but it came with a scratch in the plexiglass.  Filled out a second support ticket, they said they would send me a new cover, but it has never arrived.

So do you wonder why I haven't called their tech support and asked them for help?  This year the second Wireless slate isn't working right -- the mouse work fine but the pen doesn't?  I've got through their troubleshooting site, reinstalled the software and it still doesn't work.  It was in June.



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Yeah I think its another reason they are becoming unpopular. When I went to NECC in June we looked at Promethean and Eno ( really cool). I'm not longer a major fan of Smart and beyond their built in lessons the board is not as good as the others. I think even Mimio is better

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