Early Start Program
Early Start Program – Day 1


Man, I am so glad to be home and not traveling in the foreseeable future.  Seriously.

This trip wasn’t bad.  Kansas City International TSA was very nice and very kind.  DFW wasn’t bad, but they always stress me out.  Difference I believe – the total number of people they have to deal with.  There were three people in the KCI area when I was going through.  Easily 25-50 at DFW.

I spent a lot of the day sleeping, but that’s okay.  Next week is going  to be busy and I need the extra sleep to heal.  My knees are really bothering me, and I’m seriously thinking of getting a temporary handicapped pass just because any type of shopping is really wearing me out.

I packed well, was only missing one sock and charger for phone.  Not bad considering everything I do need to take with me.


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