Math/Science Study Skills - A breakthrough
Laptop / Tablet Repair -- I am so frustrated

First Week with kids

Last week was the first week with kids.

Love my class sizes, love my CS classes.  The math/science kids are interesting.  The morning group is the best, and it progressive gets worse.  I have three sections.  Right now, instilling disclipine in them is tough.

The hardest part is that the PTB weren't completely ready for school.  My students haven't been put on the Novell server yet, and they aren't on Moodle yet.

Not sure what the hold up is.

I've also had a lot of pressure getting the people in my building up and running on the new attendance system.  We've got some down because of system issues, but most are down because they can't remember their logins.

Gee, had that problem with the same people when it came to fingerprinting, last year.


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