Early Start Program – Day 1
Early Start - Week 1 Done!

Early Start - Day 2

Gong good -- the bad part about the fact I don't like to drive in traffic when I can leave 15 minutes early and miss it , is that you're the first or second in the building and I end up supervising/entertaining, rather than getting something done.

Today went well, all but 3rd period spent all of hte class period on Alice (Okay, people could have snuck off and I didn't notice but came back).

Third period wanted to know how to blow things up (well, one kid did), showed him out to set something on fire (make flame small, use a for loop to increase it size), and suggested using Alice to throw body parts around.

I always START them thinking but don't give the entire answer.  Works well for me.

Stil having fun, and the admin in charge said that one group of kids said my class was the most fun.