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Husband thinks I should drive.   We're both nuts, but that’s okay.  So here are my plans so far – spend July 8th in Brandon, Mississippi on my mother’s birthday.  Stop in Knoxville, Tennessee the next night and arrive in DC on the 10th.  He wants me to go to Philadelphia for a day so probably do that on the 12th.  I have to be at the Workshop from the 14th through the 16th, and I will drive back starting that day so I can be back in Dallas for that Monday.  My last night on the road will be at my mom’s unless she drives me nuts, and I’ll go a shorter way home.

Yes, I know my mother will read this as it will post on Facebook, so she’s warned.  Just remember mom, I only have the clothing that’s in my car, and the clothing you see will be my “worst”.

A smart person would wear her best clothing at her mothers.

I’ve found an Embassy Suites in Alexandria that’s $149 a night if I don’t prepay.  With my sleep problems, Embassy Suites works best, plus you can buy food and eat in the room every meal but breakfast, and breakfast is to die for.

And besides, I can always live on Slim Fast, I did for 7 weeks (only 6 in a row).

I really want to do some diabetes blogger meet ups.


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