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Rosette Stone

It may be the "easiest way to learn a language", but it isn't the easiest software to install.

Because of our district firewalls, we have to have someone at an administrative level install it.  Fortunately one of our Network Engineers came out and installed it. However, apparently a piece was missing, perhaps because of the firewall, and he had to come out a second time.  He also came out a third time to help activate a language.  I'm hoping in the future, I can do activate new languages on my own.

We both learned a lot, and hopefully next sschool, he can do it all in one trip.

The biggest problem is the activation -- because of the firewalls, theirs and ours, we have to activate via email.  That means putting in the license code, generating a file, emailing it to them, waiting for it to come back, putting in the license code AND their file in again, and getting second file.  It takes about a 6 hour turn around for each file if you are successful, we were not'.

The worse part, is that their program issues error codes when the process has actually been successful.

Making bad things even worse, our library is located as far as possible from my room. Hopefully the kids will enjoy the software.


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