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Middle School Girl’s Camp – Week 1

Just finished the first week. 

I wrote the curriculum for this camp last winter.  So far, we’re doing well.  Each day we’ve gotten a slighter larger group of girls and a slightly different group.

Many of the girls have already gone through all the Alice tutorials – I LOVE them because the tutorials won’t let you skip ahead or make a mistake.  You have to read them exactly.

I’ve got one girl is who making her own worlds already.   She has been sneaking her thumb drive home and working on Alice at home.  THIS is a good thing.

I’ve been able to get the girls to write a journal entry each day using Kompozer.  We’ve also been able to take their pictures and put that in their journal website.

I’m having a good time and it’s only 4 weeks – 4 days a week – and 2 hours a day.

I’ve heard lots of stories from other teachers, and maybe these are the best and brightest, but even so, they are reading and writing and most of the time treat each other with respect.  I have a few potty mouths and a few who act out, but not bad.


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