Middle School Girl’s Camp – Week 1
Blog Entry dated 6/12/2009 11:09 PM

AT&T Road Assistance – Unlock Service

I didn’t mention that we didn’t have power when I got to the middle school this morning, we had a massive set of thunderstorms.  I volunteered to stay and help supervise – when I thought I just had 3 or 4 girls I was going to pull out my laptop and show them some stuff, but nine was just too many to try to do it without power.

I went down to the gym with the group.  Since we didn’t have power, I didn’t know if we would even have kids, or if we’d them send home, I left everything in the car, including my breakfast and diabetes stuff.  Not the brightest I’ve ever made but it gets worse.

One of the teachers I was with ran an errand and when she got back, I went out to the car to get my stuff.  I never do this, but I had my keys on the seat and I locked the car.  BRIGHT!

But at least I remembered I’ve been paying for ATT Roadside Assistance forever. 

I called, got the address to ATT and they were out there in 20 minutes.  Guy was in and out of my truck in less than 5 minutes (scary), and handed me my keys.  Cost me nothing, was a nice guy and it was quick.



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