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TRS Active Care -- LOVE IT!

I love TRS Active care -- I am answering this because another teacher on Twitter asked.

I have always gotten max coverage, doesn't matter which employer I worked with.  I've been with Dallas ISD for 16 years, and we've had okay coverage until TRS Active Care.

I think the last plan we had was Aetna, and I'm really glad we left A.  (From their commercia -- Aetna, Glad to Meetcha, not so much).  I had a major battle getting my insulin pump covered.

I have TRS Active Care - Teir 3.  Since we've been with them, they have covered 2 insulin pumps with absolutely no problems.  In fact, this one they upgraded a month early.

Last summer I was in the emergency room and hospital for a 3 day stay and total cost was less than $500.00  I had already met my copay.

Here's a list of things I've had coverage for with no problems:

  • 2 insulin pumps and their assorted supplies
  • 1 AutoPap Machine (for sleep apnea) and all supplies, they cover new masks very frequently I am thinking 3 months.
  • Cardiac Catherization and complete workups ever couple of years.  There was one item they didn't cover, which I did do.  Cardiologist wanted it, primary care physcian thought it was experimental -- it was something they do to keep from doing the catherazation.
  • Lap Band surgery which I am currently dealing with and it is costing me total less than $750.  That includes the cost of jumping through the hoops -- 6 months medically supervised diet came out of pocket.
  • Symvist in knees and physical therapy.  I think that worked, but I have to really hurt before I go back for that.
  • Chiropractic care for shoulder

Medco -- the pharmacy plan -- drives me absolutely nuts.  I've blogged about Medco at  My favorite is that they spend more money shipping a $15.00 birth control injection than they do for $600.00 of insuln or Symlin.

While I am at it, i also recommend doing the Flexible Savings Plan.  I just recently maxed out that -- and it is super.

Here how it works in our district.  You tell them to take out money for Flexible Saving Plan.  Pretax dollars.  You get a credit card.  You use the credit card to pay for everything until it's maxed out. I maxed out this month.  Note that I still have medical expenses coming so I have to now pay for them with regular payments. Also note that I was able to spend the money before it was all put in.

LOVE TRS ACTIVE CARE!  Especially the Tier 3 BCBS Version.   Would NOT work for a school district without it.


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