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End of the Year - Summer Plans

Recruiting more students

I was in the library today working on activating Rosetta Stone <snarl> and the kids next to me were playing a game on the computer.  I was shocked as it was not blocked... 

Anyway, I started a conversation with the two guys and said, hey, you need to take my class next year. 


" I already took a computer class and I don't need to take another."

I snorted at him and said, well, I teach cool stuff and you didn't learn anything cool in that class."

He said he learned Word, Powerpoint and Excel and that was enough.

I walked off shaking my head.

So who is teaching these children this garbage and how do I counteract it?

I know I need to be more visible around the students, this year, I have been so teacher focused, I haven't gotten a chance to know any kids, even the ones in my classroom, so that's my first vow.


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