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Indy and Technolgoy

I grew up in Indiana and spent most of the month of May, at least the weekends, in Indianapolis.  Actually AT Indy.

I know that we camped in the campground, and we always had tickets in the infield.  Now we didn't always have tickets for race day, but we always were in the infield for the practice and carb day.

I also know I've been in every place at Indy except gasoline alley.  Why?  Because I am female, and even little girls were not allowed in Gasoline Alley.  I know a few times I had to wait outside for day, but I wasn't allowed in.

This year has been different -- partly because of Charlie Kimball, he's been blogging and twittering about his first Indy Lights race there.  I've also been following Sarah Fisher on Twitter and IndyTalk and it really adds to the indy experience.

Who knows maybe next year we'll go to the Texas Indy (it's here in the Dallas area, next weekend).

I think it was great Helio won again, and kicked everyone's butt.  I also think Danica had her best Indy ever, as did all the women racing.  I was really glad to see all the ladies race just like ladies, not screwing up, or causing wrecks.

In fact, several of the wrecks were caused by offspring with what we call at our house "too much name, too much car, not enough driver".


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