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How I Twitter when I am away from Twitter Most of Day

Have I said I love Twitter lately? I love Twitter.  A lot.

However, I don't get to twitter most of the day.  I teach high school, and that involves most of my energy throughout the day.  I also do dog agility -- which is one whole evening I'm off the grid.

So how do I keep up.

First, I have some people I want to see all of their tweets -- Alfred Thompson, Clint Rutkas, my sister, and a few others.  I've got unlimited text messages and I have those people on the mobile phone.  I'll check on them periodically if I get a breath during the day, plus I have one place with all their tweets.

I'm also got set up for people who really send quality tweets. That service will send you an email periodically with a list of that person's twits.  I think you can do it by subject too.  Haven't played with it that much.

And my favorite twitter client -- TwInbox at  It's an add-in for Outlook and lets you filter out twits and do everything else you can do with Outlook messages.

And yes, I love Outlook too!


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