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First Computer Course vs PreAP Computer Science Course

Several weeks ago, Alfred Thompson was asking what should be included in a PreAP course, and I answered that the programming language used should be the same that is on the test (currently Java).

I feel very strongly that the purpose of a PreAP Computer Science course is to be the first half of AP Computer Science.  Because of our scheduling, PreAP is for students who have already been identified as talented and gifted. They are also students who are concurrently enrolled in Algebra I.  This does not make me happy as it means I get a lot of immature 9th graders in the class.  My class is the only TAG identified elective so there are a lot of kids who take the class who don't want to. Immature 9th graders, even TAG ones, are a pain when they are not happy.  For one, they won't try things.

On the other hand, I've written the curriculum for a Middle School Girls camp, which I am getting ready to teach as the lead technical person.  I've also written the curriculum for a six weeks of programming for Middle School and have written a proposal for a 9th grade Introduction to Instructional Technology class.  

I feel completely different about these courses as opposed to PreAP.  I'm hoping to take load off the AP Course by teaching PreAP the way I do.

I've suggested Alice for all three of these courses. 

In the Middle School Girl's camp, I'm hoping to get to loops.  I'm hoping to get to Events in the Middle School course, and I am hoping to get all through Alice with High School. 

I'm also introducing Web Page design in all three courses and introducing multimedia in all three courses.  All courses we do offer at the high school level.

I'll let you know in a month how the middle school girl's camp goes.


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