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Rosette Stone

End of the Year - Summer Plans

Yesterday was our last full day and I finished grading this morning.  Whew!

It's been a rough year.  Kids rarely met my expectations -- with some notable exceptions. Being Campus Technologist was HUGE hurdle, but I think I finally have it under control.  We'll see as we close out.

Nothing not quite like sitting in a meeting, watching a training video from the district, and it says, "If you have any questions ask your Teacher Tech" -- which by the way isn't our title, but tell everyone watching the video that. -- and you haven't heard one word about the program and have no training.  Oh, and that afternoon had to leave school training to get training on the program.  Talk about a cluster.  Oh, and the issue would cost people's job is they didn't do it.

I have to give the French finals -- that's interesting since the district finals count towards Classroom Effective Indexes and that is giving the district to right to fire, we can't give our own any more.  Oh, and don't forget I write my subjects ... not that I ever remember what I put on the test six months later.  Concepts yes, exact questions, will no.

Student last day is Wednesday, my last day on campus is Thursday.

I've finished and turned in 8th grade curriculum, though I might look at it again this weekend.

I'm in the middle of working on the MIddle School Girl's camp. The one I am supposed to teach might not happen, and if so, that's okay. Yes, I'll be disappointed and I'm sure Ill still get some hours out of it, but I'm not really a middle school person.

Still writing district finals.

Have two workshops in July.

And yes, as I explained to someone in the hall -- there is no such thing as "Weaver Free Time", but you are welcome to come carve out a slice of time for yourself any time you want.


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