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Zune Gift - Mothers' Day

Taking my own gift idea for my mother for mother's day.

I ordered a Pink 4 gig Zune from because it was obscenely cheap.  ($75.00 with car kit).

I plan to do the following:

  • Get a teapot engraved on it with her name on it (she collects teapots)
  • Download a cute teapot image and load it as the background.
  • Download several audiobooks I think she'll like and load them
  • Scan some photos I have in the house and load them
  • Load electronic photos and videos of my husband and dogs (we're pathetic)
  • Get some photos from sister and load them
  • Add some music

Ship the whole kit to her.

I figure she can take it on her long bus trips as use it as a portable photoframe (something I do a lot) and listen to music when she is bored.