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TELPAS Reading Testing

I hate online testing.  Especially since we only have computer labs for computer classes.  Nothing that isn't being accessed most of the day by an assigned class.

Today was the first day of testing and we got through it.

However, I had installed the software as soon as we returned from spring break.  It was fine in one room but all of the icons were missing in the other room.

I punted, installed the testing software over Deep Freeze in my classroom, we tested the first group in my room, and sent my students to the original testing room which gave me time to figure out what happened.

Found the software, and used Lanschool to fire it out over the room.  Worked okay but there are some additional problems with that lab.

I pushing hard to get Deep Freeze installed in all the labs since the business teachers not only don't supervise their students but teach the students how to use proxy to get to blocked websites.  <sigh>

The bad part, since I manage my lab and students well, MY students suffer for it, were without a teacher most of the day because administration decided they didn't really need a sub for me. I should have called ofr a guard each time I left the room but there really wasn't time.


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