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Student Work Kiosks

Student Kiosk - Making Images with SnagIt

Making an image with SnagIt for the still image Kiosks is an absolute piece of cake.

  • Retrieve the resolution of your computer.  (Right click on any part of the screen, select Properties, go to the Settings tab and it is on the slider).
  • Open your document, it can be created in Word, Excel, Publisher, doesn't matter as you are going to print your document to the SnagIt "printer".
  • Print your document to the SnagIt printer.
  • SnagIt editor automatically opens and then resize your image, keeping the aspect ratio so that it is no bigger than your screen resolution. 
  • Save your image to your directory as either gif or jpg.  I've numbered my files and sometimes the kiost runs them in the order I want to run in.

Right now, I have duplicated all my "door" signs.  My class schedule, my tutoring hours, my seating charts, and my "no food or drink" signs are all scrolling through.

Best yet, if I have to make an emergency sign, maybe saying the Novell server is down, I can easier just move my normal signs to another directory and put the emergency sign up and it will display only that sign.

Making it flash would be easy too, because you could change the color of your background.


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