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Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson : FDG 2009 Day One

Project Idea - Displaying Student Work

I have been going around and around with the PTB about displaying student work.  I teach Computer Science, and printing out source code and/or screen shots as student work has never made sense to me.

I have little use for paper as it is -- and having less and less each day.  Right now, if you give me a sheet a paper, I scan it in, put it it in the appropriate place in One Note, and toss the paper itself in the recycle bin.  I much prefer getting a file.

It also burns me up that I have to turn i na paper lesson plan, but more into that later.

Alfred Thompson (one of my heroes on the internet etc.), retweeted the following link:  alfredtwo 64 things a geek should know http://bit.ly/tTpKF I know quite a few of them bot no where near all 64. You?

The real link is http://laptoplogic.com/resources/64-things-every-geek-should-know and the important part is:

46. Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame

So you want to show off pictures of your dog and that girl you once met, but you want to do it in an uber geeky way. Any schmuck can go to Walmart and buy a digital picture frame for a grossly inflated price. But you...oh, you're too smart for that. No, instead you'll find an old laptop on eBay for $5 and turn it into a true work of art.

Well, I have several old laptops that would make great digital picture frames, but most of the suggestions involved installing Linux and tearing up the hardware. 

a) I hate screwing with Linux

b) I don't want to tear up a perfectly good laptop even if it is 10 years old.  Plus they have perfectly good OS's, etc.

So here's my first idea:

Take my oldlaptops and set them up with a screen saver that will rotate pictures.  I can then put my student work on whatever appropriate media for that laptop, sit it up in a corner of the room on top of one of my file cabinets, and let it rotate the pictures.  I can use SnagIt it to screen capture appropriate work, and display the work as big as I want.

My second idea:

Put the student work on the server and set up each of the student computers to screen save / display the student work on a rotating basis.  Probably a summer project, but I might have enough time to work it out as I go.

I'll update what I've come up with as I go.

I can also see using this same technique to put up other kinds of displays too, not just student work.