Digital Photo Frame - Displaying Student Work - Phase III
TAKS Testing

Digital Photo Frame - Displaying Student Work - Phase IV

I got three "Student Work Kiosks" working today.

  • Testing Server -- shows screen shots - center of the window wall
  • Old laptop -- shows movies -- on file cabinet facing the hall and as people come in
  • Old teacher workstation - show movies -- on file cabinet on hall side of the room

I found another laptop -- well, I knew I had it, just wasn't sure where.  It runs Windows ME <snicker>.  It also does not have a network card built it.  It's THAT old.

I'm thinking seriously of setting it up stand-alone.  I've got a shelf on the narrow end of the classroom.  The keyboard doesn't work, but who needs one?

I've got my camera in my bag so I'm hoping to get pictures tomorrow.


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