Digital Photo Frame - Phase III
Digital Photo Frame - Displaying Student Work - Phase II

Digital Photo Frame - Displaying Student Work - Phase I

I have a testing server that sits around my room doing nothing most of the time.   The only time we actually use it is during TELPAS or during other Online testing.  Physics EOC and World Geography in Math this year.

For several weeks before testing it has to be up and running, SO WHY NOT set it up to display student work.

Good news?  The OS on it (Windows 2000), I believe already comes with a Screen Saver that displays photos.

So this morning, I used SnagIt it to do some screen shots, and I have it showing on students work.

Right now, I'm moving the images manually but I think I'll set up a dummy student account and have it pull the pictures from the Novell server.

The Business Images and Multimedia instructor LOVES the idea and the first permutation.  I want to make the images fancier, but straight screen shots were a great first idea.


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