Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson : FDG 2009 Day One
Digital Photo Frame - Phase II

Digital Photo Frame - Phase 1

Using the Zune software is the easiest way to create a Digital Photoframe.  In fact, I do that at school all the time with my actual Zune.  I set it up on my desk so I can see the slide show.

Last night was playing with my Zune software on my desktop upstairs and got the same effect going, so I've got both that computer and my gym computer acting as digital photoframes right now.

Basically turned off the screen saver and power saver software and am just running the Zune slideshow on its own.

This method works well around the house.  Would like to find a way to shut things down at night and come back up in the morning or other predetermined times.

Won't work very well at school though as I don't want to install Zune on all the computers, and the older computers can't handle it's graphics.