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Ada Lovelace Day - #ald09


I am out today on jury duty. I've known for a month. I choose my subs carefully because I am anal about my room and about my students. I also treat my subs well.

We have some really bad subs and the one that is in my room now allowed a student to steal memory out of one of my computers. I was shocked at the time but the memory was gone and a student spoke up who witnessed it.

This same sub allowed a group of children tear up on of the business labs to the tune of 16 mice. I do mean tear up, the buttons were ripped off and any other detachable parts were ripped off too.

I rarely call in sick for an emergency and when I do I even plan that as much as possible.

The reason I am ranting is that it is not fair that I hand picked a good sub but because another teacher cannot take care of her business, my students are suffering!


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