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Restroom Breaks and TAKS

So nice of the commissioner to allow restroom breaks.  Have they been in the schools and seen what their rulings have done?

Our district and/or school has interpreted the restroom break rule to mean that only one student can be in the restroom at a time or that they have to be escorted by an adult.

On the second floor, the hall monitors kept track -- there is a boy's room and a girl's room clearly visible to the monitor.  If a student needed to go to the restroom, they stood outside the testing room door until the hall monitor gave them permission to go, and the hall monitored couldn't if someone was already in the restroom.  By the way, that makes my head hurt.

We have a worse problem on the first floor, we only have two sets of restrooms and 4 sets of halls.  So on the first floor, the students stood with the hall monitor until they were picked up by the restroom monitor.  The restroom monitor would rove the school picking up all of the appropriately sexed students and then stood in the restroom with them while they went.  Of course, no one was allowed to talk.

Right now, with the restrictions we have, we barely have enough adults to go around to supervise students.  We have to have one crew to monitor the test, one crew to relieve the test givers, one crew for hall duty with relievers, and now a crew to do the restroom breaks -- which takes at least 4 people.


Maybe I'm naive but I don't think there is rampant cheating going on.  The only kids who really care are at Exit level.  The rest of the kids don't care about their results so we really don't have to worry about them cheating.  I also don't think the teachers are cheating.  At least not in our building.