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New Toy - Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter

My absolute favorite headphones are Jabra BT 620S and I snagged them cheap from 

The bad part?  They don't work with my Zune.

Until today.

I gambled a bit and bought a Sony Portable Stereo Transmitter (TMR-BT10A). It makes my headphones work beautifully with the Zune.

The funny thing is I bought them with my ATT Tilt and mind and have used them with it, but frankly, music, etc. is a pain on the Tilt and much better with the Zune. 

The cool part is that the Sony transmitter will work with anything with a standard jack.

And the sad part, is that Jabra isn't making anything like these headphones any more.  Their latest stereo product lets you listen to Bluetooth music with a corded headset.  Who wants that?


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