New Course for 9th grade -- Introduction to Computer Science

Ada Lovelace Day - #ald09

First, I'll start out by saying I believe that Ada Lovelace is a myth and I'd rather honor Grace Hopper.  I did a paper on this and I have not seen any proof that Ada Lovelace wrote a computer program.  However, I know that Grace Hopper did.

Yes, Ada Lovelace lived and yes, she knew Lord Byron and I haven't seen anything definitive beyond that.  But I'll let people have their myths.

I'd rather have reality.

There are lots of really cool women in technology who have done some really cool stuff.  I'll start by honoring every high school CS teacher I know that turns kiddos onto technology. 

My heroes are and have always been the women who left teaching mathematics to help with computers and computing during World War II -- Grace was only one of them.   I suspect it was a harder thing to do than we realize. 


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