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Why I hate the Dell Foundation

Hate is a little too strong and while Michael and Susan Dell mean well, I don't think they get high schools.

They have been funding proograms to encourage small schools but hopefully didn't express the criteria well enough.

They think a small high school has around 250 students. However most communities think that it is more efficient to house 5000 in one building.

Solution: Break the 5000 into groups of 250 and call them separate schools. Then the community gets the grant money and are happy.

I honestly don't think that this solves the problems large schools have and I certainly hope it was not what The Dells meant.

By the way I think the perfect size is 1000. Big enough to offer good electives but small enough that everyone pretty well knows everyone. We're a bit larger right now and there are some students and even teachers I don't know.


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