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Really Love My Zune

Got a 120 gig Zune for Christmas -- husband gave it to me a few days before Christmas so I would have more time to play with it.

Absolutely love it. 

I use it to listen to Audible Books, especially the New York Times Audible Edition each day. Like the other podcasts too, especially Scott Haselman's.

Music in my classroom.  I hook it up to my desktop speakers and listen to music while my students are working.  It's great because I can easily turn it down when I need to, or stop it.  Kids are listening to their music, why can't I listen to mine?

Music at the doctor's office, especially the chiropractor during physical therapy.  Makes it good faster.

Some while I am walking on the treadmill but I usually watch TV.

Videoes in my classroom -- I download videos I like, hook the Zune to my projector and good to go.  Quickest, smallest way to do that.

Dog videos and dog pictures.  Gives me an easy interface to share my pictures with others.  Much easier than my Windows Mobile phone.  And videos are even easier.

Also love the wireless sync. Can remotely login to my Zune computer, pick music and update while I am anywhere in the house.  Do that for Podcasts too.

I almost forgot -- my favorite part of my Zune is Zune Pass.  I hate the idea of iTunes, loved Napster to Go and Zune Pass is even better.  And worth the money.


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