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My 6th Period class

Every year I've had a class that drives me crazier than most.  It's usually an afternoon class and it's usually a large class.

This year its my 6th period class.  There are 26 students in the class.  They are loud and they have the largest number of students who are not passing. 

I have also had a few students transfer from other class periods in to that class, and they all agree I'm a different teacher during this class period.  I've yelled at these kids, I've slammed doors, and thrown packs.  I don't do things like that during other class periods.

Every other one of my classes come in, sit down, turn on their computers and get to work.   The only people who get up are those who want to go to the restrooms, and they do it one at a time.  The other classes all wait to quit until the bell rings.

Not this group, they are screaming and they are running around the room. They quit 5 minutes early and start running around the room again. They interrupt me and each other.  Yesterday one of the students took another student's iPod. 

I've been working hard to get them to behave as well as my other classes -- it really does affect passing rate.  My passing rate is lowest in this class and highest in 5th period, who truly are my best behaved. 

Besides I don't like being a crazy woman.

My latest technique has been to have a Power Point presentation on the wall, and have their screens blanked out and start with the Power point presentation immediately as soon as they are quiet.  However, they then tend to quit a bit earlier, but I'm working on it.