Coping with Website Blocking
Making your life easier


I love Twitter and have since it came out.  Since it is blocked at my school, I can't use it to its fullest during the school day but it sure has come in handy this break.

1) I got to get one of my books autographed by the author.  I have a whole set of shelves that are signed by the author when I personally got to meet them.  Often, and this one was the case, I was providing airport transport, something I honestly don't mind, though I miss the times when you could sit down and visit with the passenger while they were waiting for their plane.

2) Got some good hints for activities for my students.

3) Interacted with some fun people.

4) Won a copy of Microsoft Office in a contest.

1 and 4 were of course the most valuable.

So you have find me on Twitter at and I only follow people who look interesting.


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