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Video Cameras

I have three video cameras.  I will start out that I don't much video but am learning.  Oh, and I am certified in Digital Apps, and did take a course where I had to learn how to not only video tape but teach it.  However, I don't teach it and haven't.  Makes my head explode.  I would only offer to seniors, or mature juniors as it involves long term projects.  Average high school student cannot deal.  I might do it at a large high school with more students to pick from but we're a 4A.

My favorite camcorders for agility trials are Flips.  Cheap point and shot cameras.  I know have two.  The reason I like them is that they are light weight and you can hand them to the clueless and they can get a decent video for you.  Also they are durable, hard to break, difficult to get sand in and are cheap if you lose them.  I just got a 30 minutes Flip from WOOT.com for $70 bucks, ordered on Wednesday got today. 

My expensive camera is a JVC I've picked up used and had out of the house once.  I've got it set up for a tripod and am going to make some videos of my Christmas training sessions.

So far I like it.  Fairly easy to use, especially since I don't have the patience to read manuals.  I write them, but I only read them when I want to do something NOW.

My advice:  watch the internet and buy cheap stuff.  Works for me.


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