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This is why I got out of the server business.

Every time I saw one of these, my blogging got slower......

Movable Type 4.23: Get It Now - Movable Type

I switched to TypePad.  I looked at several solutions:  setting up a blog on a Windows server (as I am also getting out of the Linux business, it would be different if I were teaching web mastering, but I'm tired of keeping up with too much stuff..... I looked at Blogger, and a few other things.  Even Wordpress.

Why did I pick TypePad?  It was a no brainer export and import, and "shazaa" my sites were up and looked darn close to what I used to looking at.

All of the blogging software I use now works with it.  Livewriter and Contribute.  Blogging live on the server even looks the same.

Their stuff works extremely well, I like the ability to upload pictures and videos off the cell phone and supposedly I can mobile blog but haven't had the time/energy to try that yet.  Well, I might have, don't remember.

Price was good, and I could point to the same places and it would be transparent.

Support is good -- about a 4 hour delay in getting answer on the weekends, which isn't bad.  Isn't as good as mail service or my web service but livable.  Besides, is life really over if the blog doesn't  work for a few hours?  I haven't tried during the mobile interface and should soon.

All in all, is a good solution for painless blogging.  Which makes me blog more.


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