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I hate parent conferences


Well, I hope not.  Moving 28 computers out of my room and into other rooms has been making my head explode.  I KNOW I can't move them alone.

I would like my students to place the computers in their new homes, correctly and working for the other teachers.  I figure to do it right, it should take 3 kids, and the most they can do in a 50 minutes class do is 2 trips.  That means my 6th period class can only move 16 computers. 

I think I have figured out a good way though.

4th period (only 4 kids) will move out 4 computers.  5th period will move out 8 of them (again, not as big), leaving the rest for my 6th period.

If I really screw up and have to, I could probably retrieve a group of kids from 1st period, but there are not a lot of them.

It's only one and half weeks and we have other stuff to do too!


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