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Moving Domains

I've never gone through a longer internet process. Seriously. 

I decided to stop hosting my own servers.  Frankly it was keeping me from blogging as I knew I needed to update the server and going through that yet again wasn't worth it. 

I started out hosting a web server at my house using dial up.  I got an opportunity to move the server to a server farm, oh, years ago, and at the same time, starting hosting for other people.  Well, I really got into before that -- you see, I used to be one of the FIDO nodes in the dallas area.  People used to dial up to my computer and leave messages and stuff for each other. 

Anyway, I used to host other domains through the internet server and it probably kept me from paying as much as I could have.  I also ran a couple of email lists, mainly for click training called click-l and still have though domain and am hosting it through Jing. I do need to work at making that self supporting, but it does take some energy.

So right now, I have several domains -- which I have hosted at a free verio site.  It's a Windows server but the server itself doesn't always work and doesn't have good support.

I also have our high school domain, and it is also hosted at the free verio site. 

I've always used for blogging and email.  I have had my class website at  I've moved it to a cheaper windows server rather than a reseller, and am playing with Visual Basic on it, using it and as a staging area for the high school website.

That brings us to last weekend.  I decided to kill the reseller website, and move to the place who hosts my email.  I REALLY like having an exchange account and these people do a good job of getting me my exchange stuff.  It means that I can get to my email, calendar, etc, from any computer including my Windows Mobile phone.  I really find the service worth what I pay for it.

So I'm back and up -- it took a FULL 5 days to happen.  I initiated the transfer on Saturday, and it finally completed a few hours ago. 

In other words, don't transfer your domain name unless you absolutely have to.  But having it this way makes it a no brainer and DNS stuff always makes my head hurt.


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