Day from Hell (Day 3 of 19)
Moving Domains

Inventory is DONE! (Not quite a day from hell).

Got the school's inventory done, uploaded and marked completed.  I'll have to modify it when we take out my old computers but it's done.

I'm waiting on the principal to sign up on a form so I can send it in and get paid for the Fall.  I get an extra $1000 for the pain and suffering.

So know I work on day to day stuff again, and finish getting my lab ready for the new computers.  They are slated for the 17th and haven't heard anything different yet.

I've asked the Asst. Principal to get a sub and asked the librarians to do a web lesson with.  I also have the furniture rearranged so all that is left is to move out the old stuff, clean off the tables, stack the chairs, and mark where I want stuff.  All good.


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