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Day from Hell not as bad (Day 2 out of 19)

Day from Hell (Day 1 of 19)

I got to school having trouble breathing, partly because of the inventory, partly because of the new lab installation and the meeting after school and partly because of the 8:00 am emergency meeting.

Emergency faculty meetings from this principal are never good, and I was expecting bad news.  They alway means someone is leaving, usually for a promotion.  It also means we aren't getting a replacement any time soon.  By the way, we've averaged about 3 per year getting promoted out of the building, so it really wasn't unexpected.

My principal is now Superintendent of West ISD.  Somewhere around Waco.  You see, his dad was super in a small district and he got a lot of really good opportunities because of it.  He'd told me at summer school years ago, that this is why he was working towards the Super certificate.  I did do some major work on his final project.

So I'm glad he went out and got what he wanted.  BUT he was one of three good principals we've had.  we had one bad one and one evil one. 

By the way, someone sent the new guy to tell me that the evil principal was coming back as intermim.  I need to find out how sent him and kill them.  I also need to teach the new guy to stay out of my room, I don't need the extra stress now.  I won't actually kill them, but I will think evil thoughts their way and they really bad things will happen.  Sorry, but this has happened to a lot of people.  I figure the new guy is innocent and doesn't know better yet. 

So that's my first couple of hours. 

Oh and by the way, if anyone reading this is in on the conspiracy to keep me from eating during the day, would you please stop?

4th period I worked on the inventory and found out one department chair told her people to send the inventories to HER.  I wouldn't have a problem with that if

a) she told me

b) she had given me the science department inventories within a reasonable time period, but as of right now their inventories are not in my email and that is 1 week and 1 day late.  And a month after I asked for them initially.


She probably sent the new guy to me.  Don't worry, I'm already thinking evil thoughts her way.

Got through the afternoon meeting (please, I can read, don't read your freaking handouts too me), but my biggest question which had been asked in advance had not been addressed until I asked it at the meeting <sigh>

Even got to agility class in time to walk the course.  BUT after I got to the second class my feet were freezing and I couldn't run any more.

And that's only the first day out of 19!

The next three weeks are the weeks from hell as I do

a) the inventory

b) get the new equipment installed

c) surviving without a principal


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