Day from Hell not as bad (Day 2 out of 19)
Inventory is DONE! (Not quite a day from hell).

Day from Hell (Day 3 of 19)

Got to school early and repaired the phone line I cut.  I bought 2 50 foot phone cords and a couple and it's perfect as I can put the phone anywhere in the room where I want it.  I used to strangle myself with the stupid phone, it was always in the way, etc. so I am really happy with the new solution.

Just as I am about to get breakfast, the principal calls an emergency, drop everything meeting.  His boss was there to tell us the procedure to get new principal and that we don't have an interium yet.  <snarl>

The good news is that I worked hard on inventory and got all of the portables walked (I had half done), and all of the missing rooms done but the longest hall.  I know we can get it knocked out tomorrow.  I went to do evil department chairs room and she kicked me out.

ROTC is having a big inspection Monday, and they needed a website up for points.  So I got one that one of their kids wrote and added it to the school website.  Recompiled and uploaded it and isn't working.  Published it to and it works fine.  Got to be server problem and there are messages in the support forums about it.  Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

At least it wasn't I did this time.

And if I don't get into the evil person's room, I'll upload the inventory, mark it active, report her to everyone who will listen and get on with my life.

Oh and all the Pre/AP teacher lost their tutoring pay.


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