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Dallas Morning News is SO wrong

Hopefully this won't get me noticed, BUT...

I haven't purchased an issue of the Dallas Morning News, and restrict myself to reading their feeds as much as possible so as not to give them advertising revenue since they helped cause the Davidian Incident.

Davidian -- Waco incident where the Waco News and the Dallas Morning News got a bunch of members of a cult killed.

Here's the latest reason I despise them ....

The published a RIF list from Dallas ISD.  First, the person who sent it to them should now move to the head of the list.  Second, they should never had published it.  I went through the list and immediately knew how was RIFed out of my building, and quite a few others.  As my husband put it, they should have waited until the "next of kin" had been notified.

But at least I wasn't on it and I didn't see any CS certifications, BUT there were a lot that were only described as teacher.

And please, teachers, unions, etc, please don't do anything more to upset the students. They are really suffering from this.


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