Operating in Crisis Mode
Dallas Morning News is SO wrong

Campus Technology Breakthrough

I've had three kids working with me on the campus technology stuff.  I've been dragging them all over the building, having them watch stuff and do in front of me.

Today, I had three rooms that I didn't think were getting internet access.  All three needed to be troubleshot (spell check is nice, I couldn't and the kids couldn't figure out the right work). 

Since I'm getting out of crisis mode, I took a leap of faith, pulled out my old district laptop, handed it to a kid and said make sure you have the internet working in this room, I don't care where.

Also, the way the kid makes noise, I didn't care where he was, as long as he wasn't in my earshot.

So he claimed he had it working, so I gave him the list of rooms, second kid volunteered to go to, and I'm getting he did the work.

First room, she said it was already working.  Second room, they claimed that the Network connections was disabled and all they had to do was enable it.  Third room, they called teacher was typing in https:// instead of http:// and they claim the internet is working in all three rooms.

In the meantime, I got a bunch of other stuff done while the other kid was in the room and quiet. 

Man was it nice!  Hope it continues.  That was my original plan.


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