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Herding Cats -- Also known as the fingerprinting process

One of my duties as teacher tech is to be of technical assistance through the fingerprinting process. 

The state legislature finally decided that we had too many convicted felons working as teachers, especially they want to get rid of the sex offenders.  At least that's what I hope.

So we all have to be fingerprinted.

Fun process.  First, everyone has to make sure their SBEC profile is correct.  Have had teachers who have had the wrong birthdate on the teaching certificate FOREVER, use 4 different permutations of their name, and quite a few who have never changed their names on the certificates to match their driver's license.

We're supposed to get emails tomorrow, though we got the schedule today.  I'm predicting that our district email system is going to blow a gasket.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

Last, twenty four hours before the actual event, we're supposed to print something called a FastPass.

Oh, and during the event, I'm supposed to make sure that the fingerprinters have internet access etc.  So tomorrow I'm going to drag my tech support class downstairs with my laptops and check that.  (All of two students so far).

Oh, and everyone keeps jumping the gun on the Fastpass and freaking out.  My main job on this is walk people through the process and make them keep breathing.


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