Figured it out

First Day

I report tomorrow.  We have two days of staff development, a convocation at American Airlines Center (getting there will be a PITA), and two teacher workdays.

This will be my 18th year of teaching computer science, and the 18th year in the same classroom.

I suspect I handle the beginning of a big uniquely, but it works for me.  I spent this weekend at a dog agility trial, and will do the same next weekend.  In fact, I'm scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which means I'll take one of our teacher workdays as a vacation -- that is IF I decide to go on Friday.

I'm actually pretty ready.  Office Depot had their teacher appreciation discount last week, so I went last Sunday and got supplies.  I spent half a day the week before working on putting my classroom together, and spent Friday afternoon.  (That equals the day I'm taking off, by the way).  Went I left Friday, all computers were up and talking to the teacher workstation, server, and the internet.  So I can teach there now, without doing anything else.

My next task is to build a new student image.  I want to put Microsoft One Note and Microsoft Expression web on the images.  I also want to set of the workstations so building JCreator projects are easy.

I spent the summer writing our curriculum for Computer Science I (Visual Basic), and Pre AP Computer Science I (Java), so right now I'm waiting for our district specialist to start setting that up.  I also have AP Computer Science I (A) set up -- but currently fu-barred and AP Computer Science II (AB) set up but don't have my lesson plans set up yet.  I'll work on that during the evenings next week, and probably quite a bit next weekend at the show site.

I'm pretty happy about next year, I have the schedule I want, and I'll find out which kids and how many by the end of the end.  So far, so good, and I'll use the agility trials to keep me from stressing out about school.


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